Heart Rate Monitor helpful?


What is a heart rate monitor useful in an exercise routine?

Diet and exercise are the main concerns of our sedentary society, and the American public spends approximately $ 35 million a year on products that supposedly help you lose weight. Most of them, exercise machines to diet pills are not only expensive, but produce poor and unsustainable results. However, a heart rate monitor is a product that not only cheap, but it has proven effective for people of all fitness levels.

The first wireless heart rate monitor was marketed in 1983, and many improvements have been added since then. These include the encrypted transmission of data from the chest strap to show the clock to avoid interference by radio waves from the environment, data storage, programmable configuration of the training area, and the ability to download data stored in a computer.

You must maintain your heart rate at the appropriate intensity level for at least twenty minutes to achieve effective aerobic conditioning. If heart rate is too high, your activity may be counter effective. For almost everyone, such as heart rate greater than eighty-five percent (upper limit), the training makes the muscles anaerobic function, leading to lactic acid. This causes a burning sensation and tension in muscles, and burns less fat. To make good progress in your exercise routine, you must maintain anaerobic muscle function. A heart rate monitor provides you with the knowledge of what is happening in your body so you can adjust your activity accordingly.

When using a heart rate monitor can be sure of the exercise intensity is at a level that burns fat optimally and keeps the body aerobic work, not anaerobic. A regular exercise routine at the optimum heart rate levels can help increase your metabolism to burn more fat even when the exercise ends. If you are a beginner, do not push yourself to the point of exhaustion, as they are more likely to stick to an exercise program if pleasing.

The most important factor for losing weight is the length of time you exercise. For best results, make sure you make a great effort at a level that can be comfortably maintained for a longer time period. It burns fat while you are maintaining a comfortable intensity in your aerobic activity. If you've been sedentary, start slowly and try to maintain a less intense training over a longer period of time.

To burn fat and lose weight, stay within 55-65% of maximum heart rate. This level consists of lower intensity, longer duration exercise. Increasing the amount of time gradually to get the most benefit, especially if you have not worked for a while or the incorporation of new activities in their regimen. This lower intensity helps you maintain your exercise for longer periods of time without danger.

What is the best monitor for me?

There are many heart rate monitors on the market to choose from. Write down your exercise goals and find the monitor category best suits your individual situation.

An Aid to Weight Loss: These monitors have excellent motivational features. These include automatic calculations of the target area, check the level of fitness, and calories burned during the entire workout. Some also include the ability not related to functions such as time of day, and sometimes even calendars. This can help you track your progress in a weight loss program.

The novice user or the exercise of basic: You can buy virtually any basic model of heart rate monitor available. These low-cost systems have only a few adjustments, are durable, and show that your heart beats per minute.

If you are starting any aerobic activity such as walking, swimming or biking, these monitors will be sufficient for your needs.

Regular fitness enthusiast: Apart from heart rate information base, these systems are designed for people with more advanced training goals. They timer lets you schedule your exercise target zone, and show the time of day. Some of them even calculate the heart rate recovery time. Many heart rate monitors for fitness enthusiast are made in a wristwatch design for everyday sports.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts Advanced: These systems are for the good athlete who needs detailed fitness information with storage and wide synthesis. These systems include average heart rate, lap times, time in and outside your target heart rate zone, and multiple target zone settings. They may also have an interval timer so they are able to refine their training. Some of these monitors interface with PC or Mac developed to provide athlete and coach of several reports and graphs for both exercise heart rate and resting rate data.

Specialty Units: Pedometers, dehydration monitors, strapless units and more.

Accessories: Accessorize your Heart Rate Monitor with bike racks and interface software to the computer.

Consumer Reports and Prevention Magazine have posted reviews of many of the most popular heart rate monitors, heart, and if you need any further advice as to what to buy these two publications are recommended.

In summary, Masure heart rate monitors your heart rate in beats per minute so you are able to track the level of aerobic exercise and keep your heart reate in a safe area. They help you make the most of the time you have available to spend on your training program, and help you accurately assess your progress so you can make the necessary adjustments to achieve your goal. Monitors provide immediate feedback it gives you the motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise routine.

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