Acapulco, one of the best vacation destinations in Mexico


Acapulco is probably Mexico's oldest, established resort town but, thanks to a recent renaissance, this beautiful city has maintained its status as one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico and the place to enjoy a wonderful vacation in Mexico .

It is easy to see why Acapulco attracts travelers of all ages. During its endless sunny days, this city offers beaches on the Pacific coast that are second to none. Visitors can enjoy amazing water adventures or are in the heat of the sun and soak up the rays in this city that boasts sunshine nearly every day of the year, with average temperatures in the 80's. A delight!

The renovations have made the beaches more accommodating. Old hotels and resorts have been updated and improved and the waters around Acapulco have become pollution-free environment, thanks to the commitment of city government to maintain a balance of nature.

With this commitment, the city has invested more than $ 1 billion in improvements to the public and private infrastructure to counter the damage that may have occurred with the environment. Not only the water has improved, but the beaches are clean and the fragile ecosystem is a priority.

For visitors to Acapulco, Mexico, this is great news. Fear of contracting intestinal illnesses poor drinking water have been greatly reduced and guests are more likely to consider Acapulco as a holiday destination for the whole family, thanks to this new facelift.

Ideas for your vacation in Acapulco

There are plenty of reasons to visit this beautiful port city, but many opt for a trip to this top destination so they can enjoy the wide variety of incredible watersports available to guests of all ages.

Divers who visit this Mexican Riviera town will not be disappointed. They'll find sunken ships, walls, caves, small seamounts and coral formations. Viewing marine life is fun and fascinating!

For those who prefer not to wear a tank and diving in the sea, diving is a nice alternative and still offers a great look at Mexico's sea creatures. Boating holidays are also popular in Acapulco, Mexico. Rent a boat or take a charter trip and enjoy the waters of Acapulco Bay, one of the main natural harbors in the world. Get up close and personal with the large cruise ships and other ships that dock there. Combine your trip with some deep sea fishing for a great adventure Acapulco.

Water, of course, is not the only incredible feature of this picturesque top travel destination. There is much to do and see on land, too. Golf fans will find plenty of places to practice his tennis career and the fans can work in your service or backhand while on their Acapulco, Mexico vacation.

Do not forget the kids! Adults are not the only ones who love Acapulco. This kid-friendly destination loves children and stations do everything possible to make them feel at home, to offer special children's clubs to serving cookies and milk before bedtime.

Children will enjoy the white sandy beaches and other attractions in Acapulco, including a large number of green parks, old forts, an aquarium, water parks, entertainment centers, and even a skating rink. There will be no grumpy faces here!

History buffs will have to sign up for a guided tour of the history of the city, which includes stops at landmarks such as Fort San Diego, the Chapel of Peace, and the old Flamingo Hotel, frequented long ago by the great Hollywood names.

Restaurants and nightlife

Hungry visitors will never be disappointed in this higher destiny. The restaurants in Acapulco are varied and impressive, offering a wide variety of international cuisine. Many are very affordably priced and family, while others offer the best of five-star gourmet dining at fancy prices.

In the evenings, Acapulco literally sparkles! His reputation as an exciting party destination is legendary. Nightclubs are everywhere and most club-hoppers visit several each evening. Club Acapulco a popular destination among the twenty-something, as well as couples traveling sans children.


The waterfront at Acapulco is lined with some of the most beautiful resorts in North America, tall and shiny, with evening lights that are reflected in the water and make an impressive sight.

Visitors to Acapulco, Mexico can choose from small hotels, the lowest price, exquisite resorts that offer all-inclusive packages, or something in between. The best resorts have a beach promenade and a number of excellent amenities including multiple pools, spas, fitness rooms, several restaurants, and concierge services are eager and willing to help you during your vacation this higher destiny. Check out for more information on the best hotels in Acapulco for all budgets.

Those who prefer a "home away from home" in an environment with fewer people could also consider a condo or vacation home only for your stay in Acapulco, Mexico.

When to go

The weather in Acapulco is just about perfect all year, so when you are planning your vacation in Mexico, remember that you can visit this wonderful destination just about any time. The sun shines almost every day and the monthly highs remain in the 80, except during the hot summer months when they stretch a little higher.

Regardless of the season, visitors to this top vacation destination in the Pacific of Mexico, Costa will find that Acapulco is a place where vacation memories can be done, thanks to its ideal climate, remarkable beaches and clear waters, towns, attractions and fun activities that never end. Visit paradise! Visit Acapulco!

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