7 simple ways to Protect your Money


Each of us knows how to spend the money, but do we really know how to save our money? No, I'm not necessarily talking about setting aside funds for investment purposes - a good thing - but saving money on everyday items. Here are seven simple ways you can save money:

1. Use energy-efficient appliances. Chances are your old refrigerator or washing machine is a pig on fuel. When shopping for a new unit, make sure that the energy rating is high. However, do not pay hundreds of dollars more for a product if only a slightly higher energy level is achieved. Instead, find out which model gives the highest possible energy for the dollar.

2. Click on the coupons. You can save money on purchases by clipping coupons. Many stores even double or triple coupons manufacturers to a certain amount as an added "we" so you can go shopping.

3. Shop Wholesale Club. BJS, Sams Club, Costco and all the savings usually offer 10-30% lower than the supermarkets. They take coupons too.

4. Get free samples. Manufacturers enjoy giving away samples of their products. Sometimes all it takes is a letter or an email to the appropriate department and the freebie will arrive by mail in the form of a product or a coupon that allows you to purchase the item locally free.

5. Go to the library. Barnes and Noble and Borders offers a wide selection of books to its customers. However, you may be able to find that title in the free public library. If not, ask a librarian if you would order the book for you. Hey, a free book is better than the $ 25 you will pay for a hit!

6. Search and compare. The Internet allows consumers the opportunity to search and compare almost any product sold anywhere. Find the best price and order online if the items are cheaper than ask in person. Do not forget to consider shipping, handling, and taxes when ordering through the web!

7. Reuse and recycle. It is likely that the item you are throwing may be used again. If you definitely will not use the item to sell at a garage sale and pocket the revenue. In any case, you are contributing to a healthy environment by not sending a good accustomed to the garbage dump.

There are countless ways to save even more than seven years. You need not be a cheapskate to reap the real benefits either, so start with these seven and reach seven ways to save as well.

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